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1:1 coaching for multi-passionate creatives and entrepreneurs. Blaze a trail through the overwhelm of juggling 10 million ideas and take laser-focused action.

If this sounds familiar, you may have also noticed that this cycle continues to rinse and repeat throughout your life.

Why? Because as a brilliant, creative soul, you love to experience the world in full technicolour. You find inspiration and ideas everywhere. With your insatiable desire to learn and create meaningful work, you put a ring on all the things that made you do a mini happy dance.

Standing around the idea buffet table and overloading your plate may feel exhilarating and a good idea at first. But after a while, the non-stop overflow of ideas and all the “just-started” projects can be overwhelming. And you begin to feel like it’s impossible to know where to focus your energy.

Are you a creative who leaves behind a dusty trail of unfinished projects, courses and collaborations?

Although you may have jumped in heart-first, a few months down the track you find yourself excited about a waaaay more exciting project to feast on. AKA: shiny object syndrome.

With a heavy heart, you make the difficult decision to leave your current project behind in all its unfinished, deconstructed glory.

This dilemma could come in the form of
  • a fully designed website that you never moved into
  • a collaboration that went eerily quiet
  • a new rebrand that never got launched
  • a sewing machine with all the fabric pieces cut out, sitting idle in the corner, hoping to be used. 

You crave clarity and focus. You want to be able to channel your energy into your project, in a way that feels aligned and laser focused - so you can actually get it finished and launch it into the world.

* Even if it means that you have to put in the extra elbow grease and give up a few weekends to do so.

You intuitively know that you have a BIG purpose to live out in your life.

It’s 6 am and you can’t wait to get out of bed, no alarm needed. Every energetic cell in your body feels switched on and you feel focused, clear and in your creative flow state. 


You know exactly what it is that you need to do first and where you need to be laser-beaming your energy today.

The project that you are working on feels sustainable. You are on track to completing it and you can’t wait to continue the work.

Life feels simple, spacious and purposeful again.

There is now a structure to your days and weeks. But it doesn’t feel like you are trapped or stripped of your creativity and freedom. Instead, the structure provides you with a solid grounding, so you feel supported to act in alignment with your bigger vision.

This doesn’t mean that you are no longer curious to learn or try something new. It just means that you can approach it from a more conscious and discerning perspective. Instead of roaming from project to project, you find different ways to integrate some of your other passions into your work and life.

The best thing is, you no longer feel that crazy pendulum swing in your energy levels; of working until you get sick because you pushed yourself too hard again, or trapezing between feeling highly motivated to feeling stuck and disappointed.

Instead, you move through your days, deeply honouring your energy and the natural rhythms of its cycles to be your most productive self.

it COMES DOWN to 4 thingS

I created this immersive 1:1 coaching series based on all that I learned.

I learned. Over 4 months, you will learn how to work with each of these pillars to create sustained and tangible change in how you work and live.















Reconfigure your mindset to amplify your self-belief & release old habits.

Your beliefs and mindset are a fundamental part of helping you close the loop on your projects. That big creative idea needs a lot of TLC, discipline and commitment to get it launched. Working to release old beliefs around perfectionism and shining a spotlight on your new belief system will help you own your unique blend of passions and stay on track with the work.

Energy work and moving with it’s natural ebb & flow

When you feel energetically scattered, exhausted or drained, it is so much harder to focus and get work done. During two energetically infused sessions, you will learn how to work with your energy to leverage the natural cyclical rhythm of your body and nature to find energetic flow.

Create clarity and space to connect and tune inwards.

Clarity comes when you slow down and hold space for yourself to tune inwards. In these sessions, you will learn how to listen to your inner wisdom and Mari-Kondo your thoughts so you can be guided by your intuition.



Focus and build your system for aligned action.

During these focus sessions, you will create personalised systems to keep yourself focused and acting from a place of alignment throughout the day. In addition to coaching with me, these systems will also help keep you accountable and help you prioritise all your inspired ideas and thoughts.

A 4 Month Private
Coaching Series

The Details & What you will receive

1 x 20 min Pre-Coaching Session
1 x 90 min Vision & Intention Setting Session
8 x 90 min Coaching Sessions
1 x Aligned Actions worksheet created during each session
1 x Video recording of each session


Unlimited email support between sessions as required
Reiki, intuitive journaling prompts, worksheets & guided meditation practice as required

The Intuition Journal Sacred Geometry Symbol Circle Clear Background
SAVE $150

One Time Payment
$2600 AUD

The Intuition Journal Sacred Geometry Symbol Circle Clear Background

4 x Monthly Payments
4 x $700 AUD

APPLY HERE AND BOOK your free Pre-Coaching session below & see if this coaching series is right for you!

Are you ready to bring your boldest vision to life?


Jo’s caring, grounded energy, wise and thoughtful coaching continues to give me the courage to let my intuition take the steering wheel. She turned overwhelm into flow and scatteredness into clarity.

Michala Duvoux

Before I started my sessions with Jo, I was feeling very stuck in my life, and I was feeling lost. The transformation I witnessed during our sessions, was in my ability to access my intuition and learning to trust in it. I’ve learnt to let go of trying to control everything, and as a result, I feel a sense of deep connection and calmness.

Tegan Skinner

This series has been designed for the multi-passionate creative, or the left-right-brain entrepreneur who is feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

If you thrive with having structure to help you focus and ground.

If you are a multi-passionate creative or entrepreneur, you probably love having some sort of structure because it helps you focus and get the most out learning something new. This series follows a structure, taking you through the pillars above so you can implement your learnings as you go.

At the same time, this series will not box you in with stringent formulae or make you blockout every hour in your calendar to leave you without a sense of autonomy or freedom. Instead, I work with you to create personalised systems and tools that meet you where you are.

If you thrive on 1:1 coaching, guidance and support.

1:1 coaching means that you get direct access to me during our sessions and via email. I will be there coaching you through the series to help you stay accountable and get the most out of it. I will also be your personal cheer squad and sounding board!

If you love taking your spiritual practice into the real world.

This series is both practical and spiritual. We will work with more esoteric concepts such as energy, intuition and meditation and apply them in a grounded, practical setting. I believe in balancing the head and the heart, the yin and the yang, the shiva and the shakti. Your sessions will be intuitive, grounded and intentional with practical action steps.

Say a big Yes if you are:

  • Ready to do the inner work
  • Ready to honour all aspects that make you, you 
  • Ready to reframe your thinking and perspectives
  • Ready to reframe your thinking and perspectives
  • Ready to release old patterns, behaviours and habits
  • Ready to do less, declutter and Mari-Kondo your life
  • Ready to invest your time, energy and money in yourself
  • Ready to expand the edges of your comfort zone even it feels scary
  • Ready to get your project off the ground or bring it to completion
  • Ready to move through the entire coaching series, even if things become challenging

I am hand-on-heart confident that I would be an awesome wingwoman and support system to help you make tangible changes and transformation in your life!

I have spent the last 3 years helping multi-passionate creatives and entrepreneurs nurture and bring their dreams to life.

I believe that you should be living a life that reflects your depth, sensitivity and wonderful complexity of who you are at your core.


As a self-confessed multi-passionate creative, intuition coach and owner of a brand design studio, trust me!! - I know all about unfinished projects and how it feels to be overwhelmed with creative ideas and inspiration 24/7.

In the last 10 years, I  tried just about every productivity hack, free online business course and healing modality I could get my hands on.

My aha!-moment came when I started delving into self-help and spirituality books. I studied coaching, energy healing and reiki and finally found a deeper connection back to myself. I started tuning into my inner wisdom for guidance.

I began applying all the tools and systems I had learned to help me reframe and refocus my energy towards the things that mattered the most.

I carved space in my life for creative flow, listened to my intuition and unravelled old beliefs about not being good enough.

My intuition led me to to quit my job, move overseas to Japan, start my design studio business and publish my first book.

My work, mission and heart-led purpose is dedicated to helping my clients launch their new brand, creative project or collaboration out into the world. I also bring 6 years of experience from my previous life in branding, marketing, product development and management to the table too.

I have coached my clients (and myself) through discovering and connecting back to their essence (values, intention, vision) and helping them stay accountable along the way.

This is the work that I LOVE doing because it allows me to blend my experience, passions, interests and skills to make something that is completely in alignment to my greater purpose. 

I believe that anyone can find purpose-driven work that integrates their values, passions and skills. And I can't wait to walk this journey with you too!

Are you ready to bring your boldest vision to life?

Book your free pre-coaching consult BELOW.
Can I do this work on my own without a coach?

Yes - you can most definitely do all of this work independently. In fact, you would likely be able to use most of the information on this page to begin your transformation. However, I believe that working with a coach, as you move through this transformation could make it much easier and faster to get the results you are after.

Here are some FAQs

How do I know if you are the right coach for me?

Before you begin your coaching series, we will jump on a call to see if we are a good fit. We will also use the call to explore if coaching is the right thing for you at this time in your life. As sensitive souls, I think we will definitely know whether we will be a good match during your call. This call is a great opportunity for us to get to know one another and for you to ask any questions that you may have.

What happens if I don’t get the results I expect?

Coaching results vary a lot, depending on the individual and their experience. If however, you find that you are getting zero results after 30 days and 2 coaching sessions, despite documenting all the actions that you have taken from the coaching series, you have the option to drop out of the series. You will pay only for the sessions that you have had.

Is there a waiting list for this coaching series?

I take 5 clients at a time so spots are limited. If we are all full up, then I can put you on the waiting list for a future spot.

Can I continue to coach with you after the series is over?

Yes. You can definitely continue to coach with me once your series is over. Sessions after the course are charged per session at $180USD for 60minutes.

Can I take a break during the course?

You will have 6 months to complete the coaching series so you can take a week off from the series if you need a little time to integrate all that you have learned. To get the best out of this work, I recommend that you complete the series within 4 months to maintain momentum to maximise your results.

Have another question? Get in touch BELOW!

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