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Created to honour the ritual of connecting in with your higher self daily. And the art of listening to your intuition.

I designed The Intuition Journal to help soul seekers and conscious creatives get more from their journaling practice.

Guided prompts, when it comes to journaling allows us to focus in on one particular topic at a time, carving space for deeper reflection and contemplation.

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Developing your intuition takes time, dedication and daily practice.

Think of it like the practice of drawing awareness to your breath during meditation, coaxing your thoughts away from the mind chatter.

As an intuitive brand designer and coach, I do my best work when I am acting from a place of intuition.

Over the years, I discovered that having a dedicated daily ritual where I can sit quietly with my thoughts to write, allows me to tune in, listen and strengthen the connection that I have with my higher self. Having a daily ritual creates structure and grounding (yang energy) which acts as a foundation for your intuition to flow (yin energy).

Our higher self, is our highest potential - it is the truest essence of who we are. When we listen to our intuition, we are effectively making decisions (whether large or small) that supports our higher self and inner growth.

The beautiful thing about working with your intuition, is that each moment is an opportunity to deepen your connection with your higher self. Allowing your intuition to guide you through even the smallest decisions can lead to big changes in your life over time.

This doesn't mean that you should follow your intuition without taking into consideration the logical side of things. Learning to work with your intuition means that you learn how to balance both aspects so that you can approach your decisions from a wider lens.

Delve deeper with The Intuition Journal and explore nourishing rituals to cultivate clarity, inner wisdom and inspired action.

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I'm a brand designer, intuitive coach and author of The Intuition Journal. I love making time to connect with my body, soul and breath on my yoga mat as the dawn breaks. But, nothing makes me happier than languid afternoons spent with books, tea and Joni Mitchell records. When I have no plans scheduled for the day, I could spend hours in my kitchen cooking.

Home will always be Melbourne for me. This city is freshly brewed coffee over Sunday brunch, light rain falling on cobbled laneways, and organic markets on the weekends.

As a brand designer, I specialise in the conceptualisation and creation of conscious brands. Read more about my design work here.

As an intuition coach, I work with spirited women one on one, to deepen their intuition which blends in reiki, energy healing, mindfulness, and meditation throughout the sessions. Read more about my coaching work here.

About the author

My name is Jo. Brand designer, intuition coach & author.

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The Intuition Journal ~ Nourishing daily rituals to cultivate clarity, inner wisdom & inspired action. Consciously created by Jo ChunYan

© The Intuition Journal | Created by Jo ChunYan | 2019

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